I love to inspire, to teach, and to create art. One of my favorite things about teaching is seeing the joy in my student's faces as they connect with their pure creative spirit and behold their creations.
I believe that art is about self expression and evoking an emotional reaction from the viewer, even if that viewer is only ever yourself. We are all artists creating and expressing who we are in the world. Yet somehow over time, many of us lose our connection with our inner artist. An underlying theme in all of my workshops is connecting you to that budding artist inside waiting to break free.

Below is a list of current workshops. To book your very own workshop or creative project for your next event, or if you have any questions, please contact me

Learning is finding out what you
already know.
Doing is demonstrating that you know it.
Teaching is reminding others that
they know just as well as you."
- Richard Bach
Painting from Joy (3 hours)

Have you ever found yourself in a creative rut? Or have you always wanted to express yourself creatively but weren’t sure how? Join me for the Painting from Joy Experience. After some creative warm up, I will take you through a technique to connect you to your inner child and tap into your pure creative spirit. From there, you’ll create your own unique work of art using acrylic paints, stencils, and other art tools.  All supplies included, ages 16 and up.

Students will learn tips and tricks on:

  • Mixed media techniques

  • Making your colors pop

  • Composition

Also available: Painting from Gratitude

Students' work Painting from Joy
Painting from Gratitude
Practicing techniques
Creativity in full bloom
Students' completed paintings
Carefree High School Memories
A Good Reminder
Family Vacation
Land of Plenty
A Love's Eyes
Birth of a Daughter
Keys to a New Home
 Igniting Your Spark As an Artist (4 hours)
Feeling stuck in a rut with your art? Lost your joy or focus? Unsure of how to market yourself? Refill your bucket and tap into your creative power! Join me for this exploratory workshop and ignite your spark as an artist. Uncover (or rediscover) your why, what makes you unique, what your mission is, and how to create with passion. Whether you are a new artist looking to make your mark on the world, an established artist looking to re energize your creative process, or anyone in between, you’ll walk away with a deeper connection to yourself, your purpose, and your vision as an artist.
t was gre
"Tracy:  thank you so much for your fun and inspiring workshop!  Because of it, I was able to pinpoint my hindrances for being creative, to understand my own essence as an artist, and to create the steps to become the artist I want to be. You created an accepting space where we could all explore.  It was great!"
"Igniting Your Spark As An Artist…my experience. First of all, it is that. An Experience. Through very carefully planned and explained exercises, Tracy leads you down a path of self discovery as an artist. I was amazed at some of the ideas and objects that came to me when I cleared my mind of the clutter. Tracy provided a beautiful blank workbook to record the thoughts, ideas, graphics, drawings, words that were uncovered during the exercises. Whereas we were applying these concepts to our art life, they are also relevant to any area of our lives. I highly recommend this class to anyone willing to explore what may be waiting to be discovered and ignite that artistic spark!"
Igniting Your Spark

"Tracy's workshop really helped me to see how, as an artist, I can get stuck in my own thoughts and considerations which stop or confuse me.  Tracy guided me through exercises where I put aside ideas that spoke negatively to me.  She then guided me through an exercise where I looked at exactly what I wanted to be as an artist.  I actually got a picture of where I wanted to go and what was important to me as an artist.  It was a fun, freeing and enlightening experience."

 Intro to Monoprinting (4 hours)
Join me for this action packed workshop delving into the world of Monoprinting – the art of creating unique images using a printing plate. You’ll learn several techniques for using the printing plate including, layering, texturing, and direct painting to print. At the end of class, you’ll bind your creations into your own art journal.
Monoprint 2
Monoprint 1
Monoprint 3
Artistic Doodling (2 hours)
Get your Zen on and join me for some artistic doodling! We'll explore different ways to add doodling to your projects. Create a Zentangle masterpiece and use doodling to discover and highlight hidden objects in your watercolor background.
Artistic Doodling on Watercolor 1
Artistic Doodling on Watercolor 2
Artistic Doodling on Watercolor 3
Artistic Doodling on Watercolor 4
Tape Painting (2 hours)
What magical creations lie underneath the mask? (Masked tape that is.) In this fun workshop we'll use artist tape and acrylic paint to create an abstract work of art. The best part is in the reveal! 
Tape Painting 1
Tape Painting 2
Tape Painting 3
Tape Painting 4
Painting with Light (2 hours)
Want to get more from your digital photography? Love taking pictures but don't always love what you capture? Have no clue what ISO is? This workshop is for you! Join me for a hands on workshop exploring your digital camera settings. We'll look at exposure options to get the most from lighting. We'll also look at composition techniques to help make your images pop. Please bring your digital camera and laptop connector.                                    
Digital Photography
Camera setting
Custom Creative Projects (length varies)
Looking for a fun artistic project to add to your next event? Contact me and we'll come up with a creative project your guests are sure to remember. Past private events have included:
  • Paint Along Canvas (fun family or group event)
  • Decoupage baby hangers (great for baby showers)
  • Painted Banners (great for baby showers or Blessing Ways)
  • Mixed Media Canvas
Decoupage Baby Hangers
Painted Banners
Painted Banners 2