Coaching and Facilitations

When I started teaching art workshops, I observed that there was often a barrier that adults would have to overcome before they could let go and enjoy what they created. In my corporate career in learning and development, I noticed a similar observation in the workplace. There was often something that held people back from communicating clearly or behaving in ways that helped them achieve success.


Over time I've come to realize that when we can rise above the trappings of our day to day, we can tap into a different part of ourselves - the part of ourselves where true creativity lies. Once you can get to that place, the sky's the limit in what you can create in your life. 


As an experienced facilitator, teacher, and coach, I create experiences that help you tap into the most creative part of yourself to gain insights and unlock your potential. Whether it's trying to identify and solve a business problem, create a vision and a strategy to get there, align your team, engage your workforce, or create the personal life you would love, I help you or your team get clarity on what you are trying to achieve and put structures in place to help you achieve it. 

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